An Organic Start

Created by Stephanie, SKIN™ is a line of natural skin care and body products made with organic ingredients and oils each with a specific healing component in mind.

With a background in nutrition, organic catering, and herbalism, Stephanie saw a need for a line of thoughtful products that nourish the body, mind, and soul while being conscious to the environment around her.

Stephanie chose citrus fruits and healing oils because she liked how they work together to refresh, calm, and revive.

Crafted by hand, each product delivers the highest quality ingredients in their purest form to nourish, heal and provide that extra touch of pampering goodness.

What is Skin

Beautiful skin and body care made safely, with non-toxic, non-synthetic, anti-aging, exfoliating, cruelty free and vegetarian ingredients, contains free-radical ingredients, age-fighting antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatory nutrients, organic, all-natural ingredients, premium essential oils, powerful antioxidants, nourishing & organic, nut, seed, and fruit oils.

What isn’t Skin

Harmful chemicals, parabens (which have been linked to breast cancer), synthetic dyes and fragrance, chemical preservatives, phthalates (a class of chemicals linked to hormonal disruption and birth defects).


SKIN discloses all of our ingredients and processing information because the products we make are safe for you and the environment.

We use strict standards when choosing suppliers for ingredients and packaging. We ensure our partners have made a promise to their workers and to the environment.

SKIN uses recycled materials, minimal packaging and conducts absolutely no animal testing, made in small batches, locally in Kansas City.

Please help us continue our commitment to the environment and recycle our containers and packaging.

Who We Are


Owner & Founder of SKIN™

My favorite product is the Daily Greens. It’s packed full of anti-aging, super hydrating, anti-inflammatory ingredients that feel light and refreshing, yet moisturizes like no other! and…. the best part, all skin types can benefit from using on a daily basis.

Best skin advice, wash with a gentle cleanser, and moisturize every day, but exfoliation is key.

Ann Marie

Skin Care Consultant



Lisa McCoy