An Organic Start

Stephanie was working as a nutritionist and wellness coach, later becoming an herbalist and chemist, when she saw a need for clean skin care ingredients. Working with plant based, natural ingredients, she formulated the cleanest, most effective skincare.

What is Skin

SKiN is a line of clean, non-toxic, bath, body and skin care. Formulated with plant based, cruelty free, natural ingredients, all with healing benefits in mind!


SKiN is formulated with the least amount of environmental impact, using green materials and certified with Green America!


Owner & Founder of SKIN™

My favorite product is the Daily Greens. It’s packed full of anti-aging, super hydrating, anti-inflammatory ingredients that feel light and refreshing, yet moisturizes like no other! and…. the best part, all skin types can benefit from using on a daily basis.

Best skin advice, wash with a gentle cleanser, and moisturize every day, but exfoliation is key.