Why use natural skin and body care?

Why natural skin care? Hmmm? Why not?

It may be my opinion, but you can NOT deny the facts…….

Most of us use skin and body care products on a daily basis.

We know a percentage of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body, how much depends on many factors, but we do know they get absorbed!  (see Absorption-skin)

When products are made from harmful and synthetic ingredients…….

  • it places an unnecessary burden on the body’s detoxification process.
  • it places an unnecessary burden on the entire immune system
  • it places an unnecessary burden on our skin

Why would you want to chance it?

We have better skin and body products made from safe ingredients (like SKiN’s Daily Greens)

Many chemicals remain stored in your body for several months or longer before they are completely eliminated,  eeee gads!!

~Harmful ingredients in skin and body care are not just a personal issue anymore. Every product we use on our skin will end up in the environment, where it can further impact microorganisms and aquatic life.

Natural ingredients are much safer.

The purest, most beneficial ingredients have undergone minimal processing (look for first cold pressed extra virgin plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils) that come from organic sources.

SKiN looks for those ingredients! (like in Seaberry Anti- Age Cream)

Choosing safer skin and body care products will mean your have to read labels. As you become familiar with ingredients your skin will know the difference. The environment will too!

Skin care companies that care about the health of their customers and the environment will always be happy to share details about their ingredients.

If you find that you can’t decipher the ingredients in your products without a PhD in chemical science, chances are that your body might have trouble knowing what to do with those ingredients as well!

Make sense?

Be aware of products with a very long shelf life and excessively long ingredient list. This usually means that the product contains only minimal amounts of each ingredient. (They might have great properties but if only tiny quantities are present of each ingredient,  they are not going to work as well.

It’s best to stick with products that have fewer ingredients. (like in SKiN’s Lemonaid Face Wash)

In good SKiN health,